About Me

Hi, my name is Alex and I’m a baker! I spend my nights baking bread at an artisan bakery down in London. This is my blog about what I do on my days off…baking!


I have a passion for artisan bread and I love baking it at work but when I get time off I don’t really like to make it at home. However I do love to experiment with all the delicious treats that I don’t get to make at work. Some call me mad but for me there’s no better way to relax from a hard weeks baking than with some indulgent baking.

I wasn’t always a baker, I spent three years at university studying Biomedicine and a further year working in a  research laboratory. Eventually though bowels, bacteria, bile and biology got too much and I decided to follow my heart. Having learnt from my mother, a great cook and fabulous baker herself (her cakes are still and will probably always be better than mine.) I’d been a cook since about the age of 15 or 14. After leaving the lab, and after lengthy moping and soul searching, I finally decided to take cooking seriously as a career. I worked in kitchens and cafés for 6 months before enrolling at the amazing School of Artisan Food on the baking diploma. I had an incredible 12 months training at the school. That picture is of me at the school in 2012 proud of my first beerguettes. 

Recently I finished a little e-book called Baking for Breakfast. It’s an interactive e-book for computers and tablets with lots of nice real bread and baking recipes to make for breakfast.


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