Cheesy Apologies

It’s been a busy month. I just wanted to apologise for not posting anything here in a long time.  So for anyone who was worried I’d fallen into an abyss/been hit by a bus/cycled into by distracted hipsters, here is a short update on what I’ve been doing instead of blogging.

I’ve been working on a new project, here in London, all centred around cheese! I met a guy who wanted to start a new business selling, grilling and promoting British artisan cheeses. I learn’t a little bit about cheese making while I was at SAF so I really interested in getting involved. Who wouldn’t wanna work with delicious cheeses? For the past two months we’ve been talking ideas and refining menu items. We spent one day trialling grilled cheese recipes the other week (imagine  eating grilled cheese sandwiches for an entire day!) we’ve also been out meeting potential suppliers including the amazing charcuterie of Black Hand Food in Hackney Wick.  To start with we’re going to be going around London selling a range of grilled cheese sandwiches. We had our first outing as ‘The Cheese Truck’ last Sunday at Maltby Street market in Bermondsey. It was great fun and it’s just the start, we’ll be there again next Sunday too if you fancy a melty treat.

I promise though that new baking-related posts will be coming to this blog shortly, man cannot live by cheese alone.


Grilling sandwiches at Maltby Street Market


Hams curing at Black Hand Food. Thanks to Hugo for showing us around his palace of meat.


Our flagship Cheddar, Ogleshield and onion sandwich



Hello internet and welcome to Baker’s Day Off!

My name is Alex and this my new blog about all the different things I make on days off. I thought I’d kick things off with a little bit about me (for more you can read my About Me page). I love baking, I’m an artisan baker in London so spend most of my nights baking real bread. Even though I love making bread I rarely feel compelled to bake it at home; that doesn’t stop me however from baking everything else! A lot of people think it’s mad for a baker to want to bake on their days off but never mind, no cake for them. This blog is going to be a journey through all the cake, tart, biscuit and meringue adventures (or ordeals) that I put myself through in my spare time.

Grab your aprons and follow me.